Life In Canada
As a cold northern
country, Canada will be
one of the most greatly affected countries in the world. Temperatures are rising, particularly in the Arctic, where permafrost is thawing and the ocean's ice cover is shrinking. Even greater changes are expected in the future.

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Ongoing Activities
Interested in ways to help conserve our environment? Check out our ongoing activities to see how you can get involved.

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A Changing Climate

Why are we so worried about climate change now? The answer is that the climate is changing more quickly and at a scale that hasn’t happened before in known history.

Why is this happening? Why is climate changing faster now than it has in the past? People are making the difference.  About 200 years ago a major change happened in the way people live and work…this is called the Industrial Revolution.  Prior to this, most people lived in the country and lived off the land…farming and fishing. The Industrial Revolution (beginning in England) saw people moving to cities to work in new industries. The steam engine, a major innovation at the time, required the burning of coal, a fossil fuel. Coal is a fossil fuel (coming from living matter) and when it is burned it releases greenhouse gases.